BF516 and LAN 8700 interface

Case 1
Use 50 MHZ Clk is fed to BF516 CLKIN pin.

The buffered versoin of the CLK (50MHZ @ Pin #11) is fed to  LAN Phy clk.

In our system we are planning to use LAN8700.

Shall we use this Same BF516 clk for phy also?

Case 2:
25MHZ will used with BF516 .

Whether BF516 will generate 50MHz in Pin # L3 for LAN RMII clock(50MHz)? (frequency doubling is possible)
Whether we can get  a clean and accurate clock from this pin L3.


If we use common clk the we do lengh matching

how we  can match timeing of BF516 and LAN 8700 chip

Which case is best to use for ethernet phy communication

Please let us know any further informatoin required?



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