bf533 ez-kit  ad1836


i use the bf533 ez-kit to do my project. because i have to receive to group of  datas in roder to make a subrraction ,then go on follow-up operating .how i can receive two group of data at the same time . the ez-kit only has sport0 port .how i should to do about this .other man told me that spi port can't receive data. does it means that i only can use sport0'Rx receive data. or have other methods.  anthoer quertion is  the ez-kit has 4 input jarks  and 6 output jarks ,how i can discriminate which is input jarks?  i has read the visual dsp++ example project .but i don't know the function  ichannel0LeftIn   iChannel0RightIn    in    c_talkthrough_tdm .

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