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BF609 SWU doesn't work

Category: Software
Product Number: ADSP-BF609
Software Version: CCES

I am trying to set-up SWU0 (match block #0) to generate interrupt on write access within specified address space (in L3 cached memory).

I followed the programming sequence specified in ADSP-BF60X BLACKFIN PROCESSOR HARDWARE REFERENCE but memeory write access doesn't trigger any event. I checked in debugger wheter all registers are set-up correctly, but SWU is still not working

Maybe somebody knows how to solve the issue.

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  • Hi Divya,

    I have implemented SWU services for different peripherals. Generally it works, but I cannot succeed with L1 memory watchpoints. According to the SWU assignment given in your previous message, the SWU3 should be dedicated for L1 memory associated with Core0. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. Could you check whether it works or not.



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