Using VDK with BF512 processor


     I'm working in a customized board using BF512 processor. The main hardware features are:

  • BF512F processor;
  • 32MB external SDRAM (MT48LC16M16A2)

     I will use VDK as my software plataform. I'm trying to make a basic software just to configure the external memory and add a device driver for TWI. The steps that I have followed are described below:

  1. I have created a new project file based on VDK solution. On the "Wizard" I have choosed my processor (BF512), and have choosed also to create a LDF and Startup code. In the LDF settings: external memory use is enabled (32 MB); System Heap, user Heap ,System Stack and Startup Code Settings  as default values;
  2. A XML file was created with EBIU_SDGCTL, EBIU_SDBCTL and EBIU_SDRRC reset values calculated according my memory specifications. I have set the Target Options (use XML reset values) and Session Settingd (enable customizations), to use the XML file in the boot process.
  3. I have created a ssl_init source and header files, according with my hardware and application needs.
  4. A Device Driver was created to deal with TWI interface using ssl.
  5. One thread called "main" was created, and configured as "boot thread". In this thread I'm doing the ssl initialization and opening the TWI device driver.

     The problem is, when I add the device driver in the project (adding  an I/O object in the kernel tab and setting the device driver as Boot I/O object), my software doesnt work anymore. Seems like the memory jumps for an unkown address area... I just can run and debug it without any I/O device in my project. It seems some memory problem configuration , because I can compile it without any problem or warning.

     Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?? I'm sending attached my project folder, including the XML file that was created (EBIU_Conf.xml)

     Best Regards,