BF512F - SPORT1 RX Interrupt not working - AD73360


I've got a BF512F (custom board) setup with a AD73360 A/D via SPORT1. I have attached my code. I send the control words via the SPORT succesfully to the A/D. I've checked the signals on the scope and they all look fine. I can see the A/D receives the last control word that put's it into "Data Mode" as it starts sending the sampling data on the A/D DO line. I get the TX interrupts after sending each byte to the A/D, but I never get the RX interrupts.

I'm using the SPORT driver which also uses the DMA. I've setup everything accordingly and have checked that all the registers reflect the values that I've set them up for. But still no RX interrupt. I have attached to code and I'm sure that will explain the setup better.


From AD72260 datasheet, Im using the Directly COupled or Frame Sunc Loop-Back Configuration (Page 21).

I've also setup my registers according to the datasheer for the AD73360 (Page 26)

1. Config for external SCLK

2. Serial Word Length = 16 bits

3. TX and RX Frame sync required for every word

4. Receive Frame Synch is an input to the DSP.

5. Transmit Frame Sync is an (Input - In frame synch loop-back mode) (Output - In non-frame sync loop-back mode)

6. Frame syncs occur one SCLK cycle before the MSB of serial word (Is this early frame synch?)

7. Frame sync are active high.

Kind regards and thanks for the support.

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