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BF506F AD7266


  I am working on a relatively simple program that converts an analog input into a duty cycle for an amplifier project.  I am still really new at DSP programming so I started with the AD7266_and_ACM example project for the BF506f ez-kit lite.  However, I am struggling to modify the project so that the ADC is continuously polling.  I have tried implementing  a loop to get the next buffer.

The code I added is as follows:


     result = adi_ad7266_IsBufferAvailable(hDevice, &bAvailable);


          if (bAvailable)


               result = adi_ad7266_GetBuffer(hDevice, (void **)&pBuffer);


                     if (pBuffer){





Using printf as debug statements, I have determined that the GetBuffer command is throwing back SPORT_FAILURE.

Where am I going wrong?



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