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sport1 tx on bf533


i have a project using bf533.

sport0 is communicating in duplex with an audio codec (ad1836 but we are migrating to the newer one [ad1839?]), with the codec as clock source, and this is working fine.

now i am trying to get sport1 transmitting with internal clock to a daisychain of auxiliary DACs / shift registers, but without success. i'm sure i'm misunderstanding something fundamental about how this is supposed to work, but haven't been able to find a relevant example project.

i'm using both a BF533 EZ-KIT lite and our own board, and a recent release of the GCC toolchain. (sorry, i know it's not officially supported at AD...)

i'm trying to transmit a simple 32-bit data for testing, but eventually will need slightly more complex data format. the test is producing a generic DMA error interrupt.

i've attached the relevant initialization/runtime code fragments. perhaps someone can easily spot the error, as it is likely quite naive...

many thanks for your time and attention!

- ezra b