Multi-DXE Application Booting - Blackfin BF512F


I've done a small sample project to get my multi-dxe application running on a BF512F form internal SPI flash but have not had any success. I attached my Init_Code project, basically copied from a BF512F-ezbrd init project.

I tried using

s32 res = bfrom_SpiBoot(dSpiAddress,dFlags,0,NULL);

to boot my first application from flash but it does not seem to boot.

I created two applications, both blinking an LED on a GPIO at different rates so I can identify which application is running. I've flashed the first application 1 (App1) to flash (0x00003000) in internal SPI flash. I then flashed application 2 (App2) into internal SPI flash at 0x00016000.

I have a different application that I've succesfully booted from flash using the attached init_code project but this was also done using the default start address. Now I want to boot applications from different addresses eg. 0x00003000 or 0x00016000.

Can someone please help me with this a I dont know what I'm doing wrong in my init_code project. Please let me know if there are any other information that is required. I'm using the ezboardBF518f_initcode_ROM-V02.dpj project found in the attached zip file.

KInd regards,