SDP-B with AD5546 documentation


I am trying to write my own application for the SDP-B in C/ASM for use with the AD5546.

I have VisualDSP++ and the ICE-100B emulator. So far, I have followed the instructions here: (the example code there does not work for me), and set up the example code from here:, which works fine and makes the on-board LED flash as expected. Now I would like to be able to control the AD5546 (a DAC) from the processor.

I'm having difficulty finding information about how the Blackfin processor on the SDP-B, BF527, interacts with the DAC output. Specifically: It's not clear whether the data for the DAC is sent via the Parallel Peripheral Interface (PPI), or the asychronous memory banks, or something else.

Could someone explain how the Blackfin processor sends data to the data outputs (PAR_D[15:0], /PAR_WR, GPIO[2:0]) on the 120-pin connector of the SDP-B, in terms of the information in the Hardware Reference Guide (

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