Configure EZ-KIT ADSP BF548 example UARTEcho.c for UART3


         I am working on ADSP BF548 EZ KIT LITE board. I want to run UART3 peripheral on the board. I went through the UARTEcho.c example file which is configured for UART1.

After reading the Hardware Reference Manual I understood that UART3 is not DMA mapped by default, so I need to map it. I am planning to use ADI_DMA_DMA20 and ADI_DMA_DMA21 for UART3 Rx and Tx respectively. I undserstood that I need to change the value of ADI_SSL_DMA_NUM_CHANNELS to 2, which would then call adi_dma_Init().

In the file adi_init.h, given with VisualDSP++ installation, there is no entry for UART3 Rx and Tx or UART2 Rx and Tx. The same is also depicted in the chapter 6, System Interrupts of the Hardware Reference Manual of BF548.

So please guide me to run UART3 on this kit.



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