Automated production programming of BF512F


We've done development of a product on the BF512F and we are ready for production. The person responsible for building the test jig requires a programmer that will be able to program/flash the BF512F via command line. This is so that he can have a operator work in one environment only.

We have look at the Danville programmer, but it does not support command line interfacing. Is there any other programmers that can be used for the programming of the BF512F in a production environment. Can the ADZS-USB-ICE be used in a command line interface? Will I need an additional VisualDSP++ licence to be able to do this (isn't this very costly?).

Please let me know if you require more information.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jul 26, 2013 3:09 PM

    Hi Quintin,

    First I should advise that we do not support the use of the ADZS-USB-ICE, ADZS-HPUSB-ICE or ICE-100B in production environments. The connector was not designed to withstand production line stresses of being connected and disconnected with the level of frequency that would be expected in a production environment.

    We typically recommend programmers such as the Danville Signal one you mention above. There are other solutions from Ronetix and, and many of the manufacturers of flash parts will pre-program flash parts with an image of your choice (typically subject to a minimum order size).

    We do provide a command-line flash programmer in VisualDSP++ called the Stand Alone Flash Programmer. It doesn't require a license - it only requires a full installation of the VisualDSP++ tools. You can find this documented at 'Help: Contents: Emulation Tools: Stand-Alone Flash Progrmamer. Again, this would not be supported in a production environment, but may be of interest if you are looking to produce a very small number of prototypes and program them in an automated manner.