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The difference between ADSP-BF523 and ADSP-BF522 When used Host DMA


I'm a disty dedicated FAE for ADI, Now there is a issues about ADSP-BF522 in my customer:

They used ADSP-BF523 with Host DMA Download, it worked normally, and it's mass production;

When it's replaced by ADSP-BF522 with no change in the peripheral circuit, it couldn't work normally when with Host DMA Download.

boot kernel version:  ADSP-BF523 is 3.1, ADSP-BF522 is 3.3,  is there any difference between this two versions?

what's difference between ADSP-BF523 and ADSP-BF522 when Host DMA Download is used?  and what should pay more attention to in this applicaiotn?

Waiting for your reply.


Nical Chen.