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BF516F gone obsolete!!!


I've received a peculiar letter from analog devices stating that the internal flash vendor for the BF51xF has discontinued the 4Mbit flash used in these products. Therefore the BF516F has become obsolete and its PPP replacement is BF518F.

Another change is that the new flash used is 3.3V.

This is very alarming as I am using the BF516F with 1.8[V] Vddio and VddFlash in several of my products!!! Furthermore I have already coded my own flash driver for the purpose of implementing a boot-loader capable of uploading new software via Ethernet.

Is there any place I can find exact specifications of the required design changes, how to work with the new flash, new flash driver etc?

In the official product site there is no mention of this change, and the product status is stated as "in production"