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Blackfin BF592 EZ-kit lite board and Crosscore Embedded Studio examples ( AudioLoopback )

Category: Software
Product Number: ADSP-BF592
Software Version: EZ-KIT Lite board Rev 0.1

Hi all,

I am using a  ADSP-BF592 EZ-KIT Lite board Rev 0.1

with ADI_ADSP-BF592_EZKIT-Rel1.0.0   BSP  on Crosscore Embedded Studio  (IDE

I have recently installed CCES tools and VisualDSP tools and have settled upon  CCES IDE 

I have compiled several simple examples and written some simple code with this setup. [Shout out to Craig Gilchrist and is excellent tutorial example

my problem is this ..

I can not seem to get the AudioLoopback example provided in the BSP to work.

It compiles fine ...

It loads on to the BF592 EZ kit but ...

it always crashes in Audioloopback.c  at ~ line 188

this is the  call to adi_ssm2603_SetSPORTDevice(hSSM2603, SPORT_DEVICE_NUM, ADI_SSM2603_ADC_DAC, NULL);

which is declared in adissm2603.c line 282

and at line 322 this has the call to  adi_sport_Open(SportDeviceNumber, ADI_SPORT_DIR_TX, ADI_SPORT_SERIAL_MODE, pDevice->pDevData->TxSPORTMemory,
(uint32_t)ADI_SPORT_DMA_MEMORY_SIZE,&pDevice->pDevData->hTxSPORTDevice) != ADI_SPORT_SUCCESS)

which is declared in adi_sport_BF5xx.c

here,  immediately after entering the function it enters a ADI_DEBUG  code check block  and gets caught by an assert at line that says on the console  that the two structure sizes do not match

C:\temp\win32\kit\Blackfin\lib\src\drivers\source\sport\adi_sport_bf5xx.c:134 ADI_SPORT_INT_MEMORY_SIZE == sizeof(ADI_SPORT_DEVICE) -- Runtime Assertion

Why is this? Am  I setting somthing wrong or missing something in my setup? Any ideas. This should work  vanilla Ezkit BF592 hardware and unchanged example software. 

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