Hello guys,

I am working on configuring a slave device with ADSP-BF538F and I am able to generate SPI clock and Slave select. The isssue is that I find no signal getting generated on the MOSI pin. I checked the return value of submitbuffer function which is not zero, so I feel probably submitbuffer is the culprit.

Here is the code any valuable suggestions would be of great help.

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Thank you.


int SPI0(void)


    /* flag indicating that a SPI transceiver is available */

    static bool bAvailable = false;

    /* pointer to store transceiver */


    /* SPI driver handle */


    /* SPI driver memory */

    uint8_t driverMemory[ADI_SPI_INT_MEMORY_SIZE];

    /* driver API result code */

  ADI_SPI_RESULT result;

  /* transceiver buffers */

  uint8_t Prologue[4]  = {0x00, 0x01, 0x02, 0x03};

  uint8_t TxBuffer[8]  = {0x00, 0x01, 0x02, 0x03, 0x00, 0x01, 0x02, 0x03};

  uint8_t RxBuffer[8];

  /* transceiver configurations */

  ADI_SPI_TRANSCEIVER Transceiver1  = {&Prologue[0], 4, &TxBuffer[0],8, NULL, 0};

  ADI_SPI_TRANSCEIVER Transceiver2  = {NULL,         4, &TxBuffer[0],8, NULL, 0};

    /* open the SPI driver */

    result = adi_spi_Open(0, driverMemory,ADI_SPI_DMA_MEMORY_SIZE, &hSPI0Device);

    /* Set master */

    result = adi_spi_SetMaster( hSPI0Device,true);

    /* Set slave select using hardware*/

    result = adi_spi_SetHwSlaveSelect( hSPI0Device, true);

    /* Selecting slave1 as the device*/

    result = adi_spi_SetSlaveSelect( hSPI0Device,ADI_SPI_SSEL_ENABLE1);

    /* Setting the word size of 8 bytes*/

    result = adi_spi_SetWordSize( hSPI0Device, ADI_SPI_TRANSFER_8BIT);

    /* Setting the clock frequency of spi   The frequency of the SPI clock is calculated by SCLK / 2* (Baud=3)*/

    result = adi_spi_SetClock( hSPI0Device, 20);

    /* No call backs required*/

  result = adi_spi_RegisterCallback(hSPI0Device, NULL, NULL);

    /* Disable DMA */

  result = adi_spi_EnableDmaMode(hSPI0Device, false);

    /* submit the SPI transceiver's buffers */

  result = adi_spi_SubmitBuffer(hSPI0Device, &Transceiver1);

  //result = adi_spi_SubmitBuffer(hSPI0Device, &Transceiver2);

  //result = adi_spi_ReadWrite(hSPI1Device, &Transceiver1);

  /* wait here until a transceiver is available */

  while(bAvailable == false)


  result = adi_spi_IsBufferAvailable(hSPI0Device, &bAvailable);


  /* fetch the transceiver buffer just processed */

  result = adi_spi_GetBuffer(hSPI0Device, &pTrans);

  /* close the SPI driver */

  result = adi_spi_Close(hSPI0Device);

    return 0;