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Help with a couple of doubts in interfacing a ADSP-BF537 Blackfin with an image sensor

I'm trying to control a SATIR HR640 Thermal Core with a BF537 Blackfin. I'm new in programming Blackfins, so I hope I'm not asking dumb questions and a little patience would be appreciated. I've read several discussions and examples on how to do this, and I think the one that could help me the most would be application note EE-258 (using PPI port). In it, there is an example code which I'm adapting to my hardware requirements, but I'm having the following doubts:

1) The code includes a main.h header which my compiler can't find. Where can I get that file from?

2) After reading page 11 (I've attached a screenshot) I think I could be missing an I2C routine, since BF537 does have an I2C interface (compared to the blackfin used on the note). Would anyone be so kind to help me get that routine?