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BF532 - Are VROUT1-0 internally connected?


This may be a really basic Q, but I wanted to make sure. Are VROUT1-0 on the BF532 meant to be internally connected? I soldered a BF532 chip on a board and am attempting to resolve shorts. I can't see any solder between the pins, but it's hard to tell, and the multimeter indicates they are shorted.

The pins have distinct names, so I've been assuming they are not meant to be shorted. However, neither the 53x datasheet nor the EE-228 technical document seem to treat them distinctly.  I'm using an external regulator to supply to core voltage, so on my board these pins are left floating.

As a side note, I notice that the VR_CTL register default state doesn't bypass the onboard regulator. What would happen if the chip is powered up without overriding that, and with floating VROUT1-0 pins?

Many thanks!

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