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ICE-1000 Emulator sporadic fault

Hello, everyone

I use ICE-1000 emulator for debugging dsp BF-606 code. I've got BF-606 and connected ADC AD7817 via SPI. The code is developed in Cross Core Embedded Studio 1.2. The problem is the following: when using ICE-1000 (expression window is used to browse variables) the data from ADC is invalid (from time to time I get 0 code in my variable instead of something meaningful). However, I didn't catch any zero code with the help of oscilloscope.

BF-606 connected to flash memory, I loaded code to the flash memory via UART. When BF-606 executes code from flash memory everything goes well. So, my question is: Is there anybody who face similar problem with ICE-1000? Can it be connected with using Cross Core without valid license.


  • Hi,
    Could please confirm if you are using Ez kit or custom board?
    Would you please share  your project file to replicate the issue on BF707 Ez-Kit and also share the screen shots of the CCES expression windows.
    You have  already mentioned " Can it be connected with using Cross Core without valid license." , But we understand that the issue may not be related to license since you are able to load and run the code and check output with oscilloscope.
    We dont think this problem is related to ICE-1000. If you provide your project, we can assist you better
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