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Blackfin 7 USB Test Mode in Host Mode

I'm trying to enable USB Test Mode using the TESTMODE register in the usb peripheral of our bf707.
I'm really getting it to work as I expect so I have two questions.

- Is Test Mode available when running in Host Mode?
- What is required to enable the TESTPACKET? At the moment I write the test pattern to the EP0 fifo and set the TESTPACKET bit. However no output data is seen.  

  • Hi Johan,

    1.As Per BF70x Hardware reference manual "The USB_TESTMODE register places the USB controller into the test mode state and can also put the USB controller
    into one of the test modes for high-speed operation".

    2.Test_Packet Mode.
    The USB_TESTMODE.TESTPACKET bit selects Test_Packet test mode, which applies only when the USB controller is in high-speed mode. In this mode, the USB controller repetitively transmits on the bus a 53-byte test packet, whose form is defined in the USB 2.0 Specification, Section 7.1.20. Note that the test packet has a fixed format and
    must be loaded into the endpoint 0 FIFO before this test mode is entered.

    you can find this at page:1444 "Testmode Register"  in BF70x HRM.

    Anand Selvaraj.