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blackfin 609 processor


I want to create core 0 in 1 binary & core 1 multiple binary,

example , in core 0 i want to run gpio and the processor stop and continue in the core 1 uart run and the processor finished and go to core 0  and core1 will run ,

is it possible ,

please suggestion to me ,

how to create multiple binary in core 1 & core in 1 binary

  • HI,

    for custom board how to run in the core 1 program in the balckfin board after debug port will remove ,

    the core 1 will  not able to run after loader the program in the blackfin 609


    IN blackfin processor 609 in debug without user interrupt core 1 will run

    in core 0 ,user choice will run on the core 1

    In core 1 how will create the multiple  binary ,

    in core 1 we have gpio and uart driver code 

    then next if user want to run  gpio  means  then how will create in core 0  we will  choice to run the gpio or uart?


     thank you for your all regards,

    signature ,


  • Hi Venkat,

    By default, core 1 will be in IDLE. The adi_core_enable function which is available in core 0 used to release the core1. Once released, the core1 starts executing instructions from its reset address.

    Regarding Multiple binary it can be done through Second Stage Loader, please refer the "EE-364" which discuss about implementing SSL in BF609 Processor.

    Please find the link for EE-364 Application note -

    Associated example code

    Anand Selvaraj.

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