Booting Ldr from SD card using RSI mode


I want to boot the system using the SD card. I have done the following steps.

1.I have flashed the LDR file to the SD card.Ldr file have a sample application defined in the example.

2. I have set the boot mode of the Kit to 2.

But when the system is booted I could see that the system is not booting up.

Am I missing something in my procedure?

Thanks in advance

  • did you check the generation of dxe/ldr file bootmode must be set to RSI . and file must be writen binary to sdcard with e.g. Win32DiskImager

    regards chris

  • Hi Chris, 

                     Thank you for the guidance. I tried the same by setting the boot format to binary, and flashed the same with Win32DiskImager.

    We could not get the system up and running.

    To cross verify, I have compiled the same program as a exe and flashed using the SADA2 interface.

    For your kind reference I would like to add the screen shots of the environment


    2.Image.jpg to show how I am writing the LDR to the SD card.


    - Do we need to change the settings of the sada card while booting from the SD card?

     Thank you very much for your support

  • hi ! we use an BF607 - Do you use the evalboard or your own board ?

    my settings slightly differ to your config :

    we need a init file because of the ext.SDRAM usage - but you use a demo/example code and there should be a decription in the example?? 

    i've had lot of troubles to boot from SD Card in the past - but its a few years ago. the main problem was that we never was able to boot a dual core image/dxe/ldr file booting from sd card..  but a single core application works (core0-app)

    kind regards christoph