BF706 DMA function


I'm reading source code written by a former staff, and I found this:


I check the hardware mannual, and I only got this:

I dont know how the DMA occurs and how this function works,where is the interrupt source.


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    on Nov 12, 2020 12:51 PM 2 months ago


    1) Regarding, "I don't know how the DMA occurs and how this function works, where is the interrupt source."
    >> Please refer the Chapter-19, "DMA Channel Programming Model" for DMA operation from below link

    2) The below API can be used to install an interrupt handler for a given processor interrupt.

    ADI_INT_STATUS adi_int_InstallHandler (
    uint32_t iid,
    ADI_INT_HANDLER_PTR pfHandler,
    void * pCBParam,
    bool bEnable )

    It is a valid API for system interrupts, core interrupts, NMI, and hardware exceptions. The API takes the following arguments:

    •iid - Interrupt ID. For system interrupts this is the system interrupt ID (also referred to as peripheral interrupt ID in the Hardware Reference manuals). This is a unique number to identify a particular interrupt. Refer to the Hardware Reference manual for your processor to find the number for a specific interrupt.

    •pfHandler - Handler which handles the interrupt. This handler will be called when the interrupt occurs.

    •pCBParam - Application-provided callback parameter, which is passed back when the given handler is called.

    •bEnable - Flag, which indicates whether to enable or disable the given interrupt, after the interrupt handler installation. The interrupt can be disabled during the installation and enabled later by calling adi_int_EnableInt().This argument should be set to:

    ◦true to enable the interrupt

    ◦false to disable the interrupt

    Anand Selvaraj.

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