I am trying to configure a TFT LCD "EA TFT028-23AI" on evaluation board "ADSP-BF706_EZ_KIT_Mini". The LCD is included with a ST7789v controller and it has to be initialise in SPI mode with special commands before I can use RGB mode.  

Anyone can explain to me the way I have to use to initialise the controller?

I suppose I have to install the driver for the controller and include the libraries in my project, how?

An example of the similar issue can be very helpful. 


Thank you. 

  • Anyone can please comment on following points: 

    - To initializing the ST7789 controller SPI, I need CS clock and MOSI. But I am not sure to use SPI1 or SPI2.  

    - It is maybe easier to use SPI1 regarding connection to the LCD, because there is a P5 interface for SPI1 on the BF706 kit board and I can just connect SCL and SDA from LCD to SCL and SDA on the board. 

    - If I want to use 4-Wire SPI interface, what does it mean?

    I suppose the connection between LCD and BF706 kit board is:

    SPI1_CLK  --> SCL

    SPI1_MISO  ---> SDA

    SPI1_MOSI  ---> SDO

    SPI1_SS  ---> CS

    Is it correct?

    And I need an additional line to switch between data and command. 

    Thank you.

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    This issue is already handled through private support. To avoid duplication of efforts, you can continue the discussions through private support.
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