Beginner to Analog's DSPs

Hi there,

I have a ADSP-BF533 EZ-KIT here with both CCES and VisualDSP installed on my computer. I have a lot of experience programming .NET, some firmware programming, background in engineering in the health tech industry and the odd home project using things like Arduino. So when it comes to programming in general, I'm not too bad. For instance I just loaded up an example project in VisualDSP and within an hour of messing around with it, I had the BF533 playing back the super mario land melody to me as a test (which I hand coded, I didn't copy anything)...but I confess, coming in as a newbie, I find almost everything about this piece of hardware confusing.

Sometimes I don't know how to do the simplest of tasks. I don't understand the vast majority of terms in the manuals. I don't know how to set the registers (or anything else, or which ones to set). I find the example code confusing, and the CCES examples so much more complex than the VisualDSP ones. Some of the things I've tried didn't work and I don't know why (like for example, trying to activate and use the real-time clock). I'm not even completely sure how to use some parts of the IDE, like the flash programmer.

I was thinking of posting a list of questions but there are so many, ranging from very simple to moderately complicated, it just seems what I really need is to lend someone's ear for a while. For example, I'd like to know:

- How to flash my own custom data onto the DSP

- How to setup the RTC

- How to set it up properly to run at 96KHz

- General advice for how to code real-time audio filters in CCES or VisualDSP

- How to make sense of everything in the examples

In short, how to use the thing. If anyone would be willing to have a chat (Steam/Discord/Whatsapp/Skype/anything - text only or call, I don't mind) then I'd be very grateful, and I'd be happy to come back afterwards and write a short "getting started" guide in my own words so should anyone else like me find themselves in the same boat, hopefully they'll have a newbie friendly place to begin.

Feel free to private message me if you're willing to help.

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