Clock signal of board BF533 EZ Lite Kit

Hi, I am using kit BF533 EZ Lite Kit, and i have a question about signal clock of chip BF533.

Firstly, as my understanding the chip Blackfin BF533 do not have internal clock and it need to have an external clock provide to the BF533. Is this true ?

Second, the board BF533 EZ Lite Kit has two oscilator source is 32.768 kHz and 27 Mhz, so when i power it on, which clock source will be used for core clock and system clock ? As my understanding, it is 27 Mhz.

Third, when i power the board on, the default clock of module SPORT will be 27 Mhz on the RCLK an TCLK pin ? if i configure it for internall mode.

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