How to configure SPORT0 module of BF533 with internal CLK and frame sync

Hi, i am reading example Audio Codec Talkthrough-TDM of ADSP-BF533 EZ-KIT Lite in VisualDSP Example folder. In this example, i found that SPORT0 is using external CLK and external FS, which come from code AD1836.

And in my project, my SPORT0 module is using internal CLK and internal FS for proving the codec. My CLK frequency is 512 kHz, my FS frequency is 8 kHz with 8 channels, 8 bit data word per channel. So could you show me how to configure module SPORT0 with internal CLK and FS. And how to calculate the clock, which i get from RCLK pin if using BF533 as clock source for codec ?

If could, please give me an example code using BF533 SPORT with internal CLK and FS.

Thank you !