microprocessor and fpga interfacing

This is really an enquiry about products with the issues / requirements listed below

I have used the ADSP BF561 before.  I believe my project will require more than an FPGA because of their limited DRAM.

 Microprocessor interfacing and evaluation kits that included a pci interface to a computer, not an SBC is preferable for commercial applications, possibly a usb dongle interface to an Ethernet port.

I have been doing a great deal of research on a patent I developed.  

I need to be able to acquire and store ethernet packets into relatively fast/addressable RAM. 

I will also need a PCI bus for commercial applications, or an embedded dongle of some sort.

I examined xilinx zc706 development board, but i am not sure about the amount of dram available and processing of the data, which may take a processor.  I also need to run linux which may allow addressing DRAM.

I have heard that tech support at xilinx is not that good.

I have used the bf561 and dac converter. I had a difficult time with the DAC interface.

Do anyone you know of a pci development board with one of your shark or blackfin (or others) processors that is not going obsolete.  S

32 bit would be great!!  If successful, the proposed product may be in high demand. I would also like 10/100/1000 ethernet on board since that’s where industry is at or going to.

I have put this information to tech support also.  Thanks. bill huttle,::billhuttle@gmail.com


Hopefully, you get the idea with all this verbage