Software Update of Blackfin DSP using Serial Interface (e.g UART)

Hi everyone,

First, I am newbie in Analog Device Processors (e.g. Blacfin), so all ideas/advices are very welcome. 

In fact, I am working on the project (at concept phase) which will content 2 CPUs (STM32 and Blackfin).

I would like to have an external SPI memory connected to Blackfin for booting up.

My question is the following :

- Would it be possible to use a second serial interface (e.g. UART) to transfer Blackfin SW (LDR file) from STM32 ?  The idea behind is when the STM32 receives new firmware file for Blackfin, it uses the serial interface to communicate with Blackfin bootloader. 

- Or do I have to manage myself (using the STM32) the LDR file storage into external SPI memory ?

Thanks in advance.