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I am writing a Talkthrough project in CCES, i based it on Talkthrough example in VisualDSP++. But when i create a new file (Initialize.c) and i include "Talkthrough.h", it said that "cannot open source file". So if i want to include a new file.h or file.c what should i do?

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    on Dec 27, 2019 11:05 AM


    Can you please elaborate more on your query.

    Please create one dummy project in CCES, it will generate the source and header files by default. If you need to add the more headers in the project you have to declare that in main source file like following "#include <x.h>"

    1) Which processor are your referring?
    2) Can you please share the screenshot of the error which you are facing?
    3) If possible please share your code.

    While migrating from VDSP to CCES, there are a number of ways in which VisualDSP++ applications differ from CCES applications: RTOS, interrupt handling, SSL/DD APIs, and more. If your VisualDSP++ application uses such mechanisms, you have to make corresponding changes to your application's source code before the application can build in CCES. Similarly, if your application uses a customized LDF, the LDF may make references to libraries that are not used in CCES, or omit ones that are.

    More information about importing VisualDSP++ project files into CrossCore Embedded Studio is available at:

    We would also recommend reading the Getting Started with CrossCore Embedded Studio FAQ:

    We have a number of CCES introductory videos on our Analog Devices Video Channel. These videos are also indexed on the CrossCore Embedded Studio product page.

    Anand Selvaraj.