BF522 TWI(I2C) slave booting issue

Hi ADI's

One of my customers is developing a product using the BF522.

The customer wants to write a boot image to the I2C EEPROM using TWI at CCES.
Checking the flash driver for use with CLDP, it seems that the ADSP-BF526 EZKIT BSP contains only the flash driver for SPI.
1. Where can I find the flash driver for TWI?
2. What is the procedure for I2C (TWI) slave booting?

Thank you

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jan 7, 2020 1:11 PM


    Please note that unfortunately we don't suggest anything in custom driver. As this is the case we would recommend that you use one of our current drivers as a base for creating a driver which will be compatible with your flash part. We provide documentation for the Flash Programmer API, which describes the commands the Flash Programmer Drivers require to perform the Flash accesses.

    The documentation is available at help > CrossCore® Embedded Studio 2.9.1 > Integrated Development Environment > Working with Bootable and Non-bootable Files > Device Programmer >Custom Device Drivers

    We are aware of many customers who have successfully modified our flash drivers to suit different flash parts.

    Regarding the TWI slave booting, I would suggest you to refer the appication note EE-336 and also find the examples associtaed in the below links. The application note provides a information about achieving TWI slave booting on one of the Blackfin processors. This can be referred for the ADSP-BF52x Processors too.

    Application Note:

    Anand Selvaraj.