Load programm from other program BF537

Hello. I load first programm with jtag. LDR second programm i placed in flash. Second programm is UART RS-232 HyperTerminal (ASM) from example.  If i load second programm uses jtag all is OK - i have echo server, but i need load second programm within first programm. Sorry for my English.

//First programm

int main( void )
    asm("P0.H = HI(0xEF000008 );");	
	asm("P0.L = LO(0xEF000008 ) ;");			
	asm("R7.H = HI(0x20000000) ; ");       
	asm("R7.L = LO(0x20000000) ;");
	asm("JUMP (P0);");
	return 0;

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