ADSP-BF523 Default Pin state causing problem

We are using Blackfin ADSP-BF523 DSP for our project. We are facing some problem during power up on GPIO due to its default state on pins. In our application we need a High state by default on PORT G 0 pin before DSP boots up completely. For this we have a 10K pull up so that during Power On reset the state on pin remains high which is true on our board.
However during boot up we have observed that after power on reset. ADSP tries to pull down PORTG_0 pin, hence for 20-25ms PORTG_0 pin remains low in our application after the span of 25msec it goes high as per our software pin configuration.
Our query: Why is DSP pulling down PORTG_0 pin low during boot up (before control comes to the ‘main’ code). Kindly help us on this.