BF548 SPORT multichannel - AD1938 chain with different sample rates


I am trying to set up an application to use a BF548 DSP connected to an AD1938 with two aux ADCs over the SPORT1 interface. I have functioning software that operates the ADCs and DACs at a sample rate of 48kHz, using a circular DMA descriptor chain and multichannel mode. I need to increase the DAC sample rate to 192kHz, and am struggling with getting the correct register settings for such a configuration to operate.

I have a ~12MHz MCLK to the AD1938, the ADCs configure for 48KHz Serial AUX mode, and the DACs for Dual line TDM with a sample rate of only 192KHz. I require 4 ADC channels from the AD1938 and 3 channels from two aux ADCs, and 2 DAC channels on the AD1938 to operate at the aforementioned rates.

Is this configuration possible?

Current register settings for SPORT1

Blue: TX sine wave (currently attempting 10kHz wave @ 96KHz, before moving to 192KHz)

Purple: RX sine wave (distorted)

Actual wave, distorted, actually at 2500Hz instead of 10kHz:

ad1938 registers:

It seems the device is close, but the clock or something just is not right. Any help is appreciated.