Unpredictable flow of control during DEBUG.


I am trying to develop code for Real Time Video Stabilization on ADSP BF561. Coding involves acquiring video frames via decoder on PPI0 port, DMA transfers data to SDRAM input buffers (as bank 0 & 3), these consecutive frames in buffers need to be processed according to Video Processing scheme (of ADSP BF561). Post processing , data is written on SDRAM output buffers(bank 1&2) and then DMA transfers these over PPI1 port for encoder further to encode and show it to display. The IDDE used for development is VisualDSP++ 5.1.1. The emulator is ADSP-BF561-ICE 100B. 

The ISSUES we faced as are::

1. During Debugging, flow of execution control is lost (i.e.during single stepping ,control does not go beyond instructions where the interrupt occurs for the DMA to know that a frame acquisition is complete in input buffer). We have checked flow of program.Everything is correct as per our understanding. But

2.When debugging without stepping, control stops at breakpoints , but at some instances where functions are called for processing (particularly while trying to store frames in another 1-D arrays),the control get lost again.

earlier IDDE and h/w were working properly but above mentioned issues popped up recently. 

we checked for H/w or s/w errors or exceptions from SEQSTAT register but it is found that no errors/exceptions occurred due to software/hardware as state of SEQSTAT=0x00000000.

Now we are not understanding why control is not halting at the breakpoints or where is it going instantaneously ?

3. Previously we were able to display desired output (eg. Edges from the captured video frame) from o/p buffers. but now we are unable to show output on display in-spite of code being flashed on H/w properly. The by default LIVE VIDEO is seen even after flashing code. The STATUS tab shows both cores status in Running once the code is flashed, thus, there should not be any problem with the Flash driver. Also, the physical connections have been checked & it is working properly.

Kindly share your thoughts on the above issues.

Thank you.


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    Regarding 1:

    >>The stepping problem you are encountering is most likely caused by interrupts within your system.

    Regarding 2:

    >> Please try to step through after enabling 'Mask interrupts during step' under 'Settings > Target Options'.
    Please note that the Target menu is available only for emulator connections, once you load your application.The Target Options dialog box cannot be accessed while the code is running.

    Regarding 3:

    >> Is it possible to share us the schematics?
    Are you getting any error warning? Is you can able to see the output properly?
    Are you configured both audio and video? Are you able to hear the audio properly?

    Can you please check the register values that you have programmed.