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I'm new to development with this family of DPS and i'm interested in using ADSP-BF522, I have only one doubt related to the EBIU.
The datasheet says: "External memory is accessed via the EBIU.
This 16-bit interface provides a glueless connection to a bank of synchronous DRAM(SDRAM), as well as up to four banks of asynchronous memorydevices including flash, EPROM, ROM, SRAM, and memorymapped I/O devices.
The asynchronous memory controller can be programmed to control up to four banks with very flexible timing requirements for a wide variety of devices.
Each bank occupies a 1M byte segment regardless of the size of the devices used, so that these banks are only contiguous if each is fully populated with 1M byte of memory."

Are 4 memory banks physically in the DSP?

If the answer is yes, can they be used without an external device connected to the EBIU?

Thanks in advance