Video Processing on ADSP BF561

Hello Team,

i am trying to do some motion related processing on a Real Time video from a PAL camera. The video frames are fetched from sFrame0 and sFrame3 using both cores of BF561, the problem though is that when I debug, the raw input data in the frame happens to change w.r.t every iteration of the for loop that applies a filter kernel to it. If the raw data changes there is no scope for processing on it. Is it because of the DMA running and fetching frames in the background continuosly ?? Will DMA disable help ?? If YES , how do we fetch video frames in run time without DMA efficiently ? 

Any thoughts ,please share .

Thanks & Regards. 

  • Hi,

    Can you please explain your application in detail so that I can assist you better on this? From your mail, I can understand you are using PPI of ADSP-BF561 to receive data from camera. Please correct if my understanding is wrong.

    Can you please share the PPI and DMA configurations so that I can have a look at it and help? Note that PPI must be used with the processor’s DMA engine. Configuring the PPI’s DMA channel is a necessary step toward using the PPI interface.

    BTW, are you using EZ-kit or custom board?

    You can also refer the below application note for more information.

    Anand Selvaraj