ADSP BF504 spi flash


I'm currently using ADSP-BF506F. SInce it is obsolete I am planning to replace it with BF504 with external flash.

I'd like to know if it is possible to use SPI0 for boot from external flash and, after boot, use the same SPI0 for other peripheral devices.

Thank you for you support

  • Hi,

    Please refer the ADSP-BF504 webpage. which contains the detailed information about ADSP-BF504  and corresponding documents for this DSP.

    Note that the ADSP-BF504 provides flexible booting options from internal flash and SPI memory or from host devices including SPI.So its possible to use SPI0 to boot from external memory through the external SPI boot mode (BMODE = 011) boots from SPI memories connected to the SPI0_SSEL1 interface. 8-, 16-, 24-, and 32-bit address words are supported.You can also use the SPI0 once its complete the booting process.

    Please have a look at SYSTEM RESET AND BOOTING chapter (PageNo:1105 ) in ADSP-BF50x HRM, which may gives more information regarding boot modes.

    Please find the HRM from below link,