We are trying to design a product with fast data I/O. We need a DSP to WRITE to a 14 bit DAC and to READ from two 14 bit ADCs. One WRITE and two READs makes up a sample period.

We would like to have a sample rate of 10M to 20M samples per second. Also, the product has to be USB powered.

So far we have obtained 8.25M samples per second with a Renesas part using a 32 bit DMA. It seems that the bus timing for DMA sets the maximum speed limit. 

The BF70X series seems promising.

The READ and the WRITE could be on separate ports if it would improve the timing.

We have studied the data sheet but are uncertain what speeds may be available.

What is the fastest READ and WRITE that we can obtain from this part ( or others)?

Best regards,

Tim Orr