Routing variables at a constant or predefined location on flash memory.

We have a BF707 based Hardware system. We have the SPL-Bootloader-Application development set up. We have the Bootloader and Application code residing on serial flash(0x00-0x200000(2MB)). Our Application has the version info parameters located on this serial flash. But this location changes from build to build. We want this version info to remain at the same location on the flash anytime we build so that we can read this information from the bootloader for appropriate action. How can we do this. Looked at our linker (.ldf) file and didn't see any mention of serial flash or address range. Is there a way to place the variables at a constant location on the flash using the blackfin linker? or anyother way possible?

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    SPI flash required specific sequence of sending Flash related commands and address from the DSP to read or write data from/to the desired location in the Flash. It is not as easy as the parallel flash where we can access the data directly from/to its address space. So I don't  think if there is any way to map the data to the SPI flash as you can do it on the parallel flash, other than pre-programming the flash.

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