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Hi to All, i'm new. Just for your Info.

Hello, just a short Question.

Is it in some cases also possible to discuss in german?

I would like to set up an interesting Project. Motion Control with BF 548.

It is a goal to compare movements with curves which will be how to move setup's.

  • Hi,

    while some of our members are German, we do not have the resources to support multiple languages on the EngineerZone, and ask that customers post questions in English.

    I hope we can help you in the future.



  • Ok, thank you. I will now set up the Project. The first is how to get Frames out of an CCD-Camera for industrial use into the BF548 Memory. I will post mor details about camera and more next, this is just for info.

    Regards, Dirk.

  • Hi to All, i'm actually not able to follow the Camera-BF project.

    I must first see that i get infos and hands on training with ADyC7128 ARM. Because of actual Development. I have installed y-Vision 4.5 from Keil. Looked in some sources and found out in a lot of cases it looks different to lets say NEC 8 bit C-cource.

    ARM is a RISC processor.

    Can give me someone a info where i can get training in the way of discuss and see for beginners to handle the instructions to get a yC7128 running an programming. I have actually no idea about the register handling and more. I don't need a instruction set of ARM, i need a description what that i found in startup.c and for general in *.c folder to get a yC7128 running. I have the Evalboard ADuC7128QSPZ running with yVision4.5 of Keil.