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Won't Boot from Flash Memory

The emulator is ADZS-USB-ICE. The IDE is VisualDSP++ 5.

Several identical custom boards have been built based on the BF547. These boards have flash memory and DDR identical to the BF548 EZ Kit Lite. I have trouble with one of the custom boards. On this one I am able to download a dxe executable into the DDR RAM and execute the code which runs just as it is supposed to. But after I have created a loader file and flashed it, there is no sign it boots from flash memory and runs initialization code. I have checked the BMODE bits both externally with a meter and internally by using the IDE to inspect the SYSCR register. The BMODE bits are set to the proper 0b0001.

I have the "Verify while programming" check box checked while flashing with the Device Programmer. The Message center displayed that the flash operation succeeded without error. I clicked on the Compare button and no differences were found.

Other identical boards boot from flash fine with no problems after being flashed using the same loader file.

Other than the BMODE inputs at W1-W4, are there any other inputs that could be wrong and so cause this problem?