BF533 total crash

I've a BF533 system in C++ with Code in L1. It works without problems, but crashes from time to time. Not even the watchdog can reboot it. Only a powerdown or manual reset helps. It happens with the release version booted out of an external flash and it happens using the debug version with an ICE-1000. Also the ICE-1000 looses the JTAG connection when the crash happens.

How to debug????

I've tried CCES in version 2.7.0 and in version 2.8.3 - no difference! Even changing the startup files by copying the basiccrt.s into the project didn't change anything.

Could this be some unhandled exception that would break the JTAG connection, too?

Any hints/ideas for me??

Best Regards Claus

  • I forgot to add: this cannot be an issue of some spike in the processor supply. I've checked this with a scope measuring the minimum supply voltages over a long period - no spikes!

    •  Analog Employees 
    on Aug 12, 2020 11:14 AM 3 months ago in reply to cscheidl


    Can you explain about your application?

    Are you using Ezkit or custom board?

    Did you ran any application when crashing?

    Please refer "Pin Description" in page no:17 in the below ADSP-BF533 datasheet and please ensure that we have to terminate all the processor signals properly.

    And also, all power supplies must meet the specifications provided in the Operating Conditions (VDD_INT, VDD_EXT, VDD_RTC).

    Please make sure we should provide processor input clock frequency clean(without noise).

    Can you please verify the Power-Up Reset Timing and Clock and Reset Timing, Whether it meet the datasheet specification.

    Anand Selvaraj.