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BF706 ext SRAM possibility

Category: Hardware
Product Number: BF706


My customer would like to use external SRAM rather than an SDRAM?

Can DMC support SRAM?

Do we have any processor family that can support external SRAM?



  • Hi Mert,

    The ADSP-BF70x processor supports SMC which can be connected to SRAM.

    The static memory controller (SMC) is a protocol converter and data transfer interface between the internal processor bus and the external L3 memory. It provides a glueless interface to various external memories and peripheral devices, including:
    • SRAM
    • ROM
    • EPROM
    • NOR flash memory
    • FPGA/ASIC devices

    The SMC acts as an SCB target. The processor SCB interconnect fabric arbitrates accesses to the SMC. On the chip boundary, the SMC connects to an address bus, a data bus, and signal pins for memory control (such as read, write, output enable, and memory select lines)

    For more information, please refer the chapter 10 Static Memory Controller (SMC) in the below link.