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Half SPORT Works in Full Duplex Mode

Category: Software

Hi there,

  The chip we used is BF703. We use SPORT0_B as I2S mode to connect a codec. The codec provides the clock and frame sync. 

  Is that possible to use only SPORT0_B to transmit and receive simultaneously (full duplex)?


    SPT0_BCLK - Clock (from codec)

    SPT0_BFS   - FS (from codec)

    SPT0_BD0   -  Data Out (to codec)

    SPT0_BD1   -  Data In (from codec)

I have read some topic and known that basically we should use SPT0_A as receiver and SPT0_B as transmitter, and physically connect the SPORT Rx CLK and FS signals to the respective pins on the SPORT transmitter.

Just want to know the half SPORT can reach our goal or not.