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ADSP BF-70X Static Memory Controller SMC - DMA Support

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADSP BF-70X

Dear Team,
    ADSP BF-70X Embedded processor have 16-bit Satic Mmory Controller (SMC) interface dedicated for data transfer between internal processor and external memory devices/FPGA/ASIC Devices.
    Whereas in ADSP BF-70X datasheet and hardware reference manual, it is nowhere mentioned that SMC iterface support DMA?
    Kindly confirm whether the external memory/FPGA/ASIC devices connected with 16-bit SMC interface have processor internal bus DMA support.  
    Vigneshwar Raj D

  • Hi Vigneshwar,

    You can use any one of the MDMA channels(MDMA 0(DMA16 SRC and DMA17 DST) or MDMA1(DMA18 SRC and DMA19 DST) or MDMA2(DMA20 SRC and DMA21 DST)).

    The DMA channel does not connect external memories and devices directly. Rather, data passes through an external-memory interface port. DMA operations can access any device the external memory interface supports. These interfaces typically include:
    • Flash memory
    • SRAM
    • FIFOs
    • Memory-mapped peripheral devices
    • Dynamic Memory (if present)