BF706 Image recognition

Hi ADI's

One of my customers wants to know how to handle the EEPI and DMA settings in the process of receiving and processing data from an image sensor with the output shown below.

Previously, a sensor that showed Y(Luma) and C(Croma) values was used, but now She is trying to use a sensor that shows only Y value.

On the datasheet, it seems that the Y value and C value are basically separated.

Looking at the structure of the block diagram below, there seems to be a way to separate and receive only the Y value, but if you tell us how to do that, I would appreciate it.

The current status is as below.


[Fig 1.]                                                               [Fig 2]

Fig. 1 shows no gain and Fig. 2 on the right shows gain input.

As you can see, half of the video comes out, but the entire video is reduced to half.

The output of the image sensor is 160 pixels per line.

I checked 160 outputs on an actual oscilloscope.

By the way, in the process of outputting data through DSP
It seems that odd or even pixels are not being output.

I would like to know the setting that can only receive data through DMA channel 1.

Thank you