why BF706 do not boot from SPI ???


I just wanted to know when does SPI boot fails...?

My BF706 boots properly for certain working firmware. But when I add certain extra code, generate LDR and load it into flash, then up on power ON the BF706 does NOT boot at all....?

What could be the reason.... One difference between the correct working LDR and the NON-Working LDR is size. The non-working LDR is of bigger size...

Just wanted to know in what conditions does a BF fail to boot from SPI flash...?

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  • I have exactly the same situation here with a custom bf-706 board. Upon trying the JUMP 0 instruction, and tracing the execution in DND mode using a ICE1000, I found it stuck at the same address as Sri did, i.e.  0x40026DA.


    I cannot link my project if I enable the instruction cache (produces out of memory error), so I have to compile with cache disabled. Shall I check these registers in order to debug further or is there another way to debug it ?