BF706 and ADAU1761 codec and data types


I'am very new to this platform. I am unable to find documentations about this issue on anywhere. I am creating some samples in the form of fract32 array's. (Which i checked and confirmed all the values are generated correctly in a debug session). I tried a lot of different conversions to other data types before submitting to the ADAU1761 codec (which configured correctly AFAIK -- based on a example provided by the ADI). I would like to know how to send this fract32 variables to the codec correctly. (All the conversions i tried (including the scaling and refitting to unsigned 24 bit scale (using uint32_t variables) which is i believe codec is configured to) have made some mad outputs. )

Also could you please show me some direction to find documentation in this platform.

I need to know about the default driver libraries provided by ADI,  but only documentation i could find is the CrossCore Embedded Studio manuals. Which lacks a lot i guess. 

Do we need to write to the flash of the device and configure it to boot from its own flash to run our code outside the debug sessions? If so how can we do that ? I really did like the blackfin platform. But the resources are a bit hard to find at the beginning.