BF70x Uart DMA interrupt

Hi I am trying to get the BF70x to generate an interrupt when it has transmitted a dma package over UART1..

The positive: The data is being transmitted and the TFI bit is being set at the end in the UART_STAT register.

What I have so far to get a DMA interrupt:

1) initialized the event vector adi_int_InstallHandler( INTR_UART1_TXDMA, interruptFunction, NULL, True)

2) Configured the pADI_UART1_TXDMA with buffers and the following configuration bits set PDRF = 1, TRIG = 1, INT = 3, EN = 1

3) I have played around with different configuration ( TRIG=0, INT=0 or 1, PDRF = 0)

4) I have started the transmission by setting pADI_UART1->IMSK_SET = 2 ( or 0x22 to try out )

Nothing what I have tried causes my interruptFunction to be called.

I have other interrupts (for USB and timers ) that are working fine.

Can anyone point me in the direction to a reason why I do not get the UART TX DMA interrupt?