can't UART boot BF706

Hello everybody,

I am developping a custom board for ADSP-BF706 connected to Raspberry Pi, and I am not able to boot from UART.

First mistake of mine was to connect the Raspberry Pi UART port to DSP UART1 instead of UART0 (default boot port).

In future designs I will connect to UART0 obviously, but for this one I launch debugger and call to adi_rom_Boot to boot from UART1:

#include <sys/platform.h>
#include "adi_initialize.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#include <bfrom.h>
#include <defBF70x_rom.h>
#include <cdefBF70x_rom.h>

void main(void)


	uint32_t command = (0x0 << 16) + (0x0 << 15) + (0x1 << 8) + (0b0 << 6) + (0b0 << 5) + (0b1 << 4) + (0x3);
	adi_rom_Boot(0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, command);


When I use autobaud detection ('@' byte), DSP UART1 response has sense, but if I write all the boot stream (generated by CCES in ASCII) nothing happens, the DSP does not boot as expected.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance,